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End Of <Relax> 10 Man

Noxaier / Nov 09, 2013
As of 11/7/2013 we will no longer be raiding as a 10 man. We are merging with Realm Last, and <Fiercekiller>, and going 25 man. No further applications will be monitored on the website.

Meanwhile, please enjoy this wonderful picture of Saoran

Who often plays together with Noxaier, a happy fun-loving, and pretty buff indian:

Sometimes Saoran likes to take vacations to his homeland, here he is at Canada day supporting his French Canadian heritage!

Meanwhile during his vacations, Nox prefers to play some soccer with his homies:

In Saorans free time, he likes to make the internet a better place!

Nox spends his spare time cooking and listening to music:



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